Our Story

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Maid 2 Party Specialities Cleaning Service was in its planning stage in August 2014, and launched in October 2014. Owners Wayne and Kelly Mullineaux decided to name their cleaning business, its unique business colors, and unique cleaning packages in memory of their daughter, Kellyse Lena Marie Pierce, who tragically passed away in December of 2012.

Wayne and Kelly thought the people of the northern Shenandoah Valley could use a little more Vegas in their lives, as well as a cleaning service that differed from the normal cleaning experiences with the same old titles and brands. Since Kellyse was a child you always remembered after you met her, they thought they would try to make a brand that everybody would remember after they heard about it. Kellyse was also a very giving child—even until the very end, Kellyse gave. She was an organ donor and gave a special donation of her organs to those who needed her gift of life.

“That is one reason we feel so strongly about giving back to the communities we serve, so we can honor her memory.”

In dealing with the loss of her daughter and the negative impact it had on her life, Kelly found cleaning and believes that hard work and the wonderful people she has met on her journey have made her a better and more positive person. She quickly realized that running and operating a cleaning business was very therapeutic and rewarding, and these have helped her become who she is today.

Wayne and Kelly have two other children who currently live with them. Their children have had asthma and other seasonal allergies, so they both believe in green cleaning and keeping as many harsh chemicals out of the environment as possible. But mainly they just want to give your family more quality free time to do other things you enjoy, not spending your time home doing “the boring stuff,” as their children would say. They want to do the “dirty work” for you to give you more time with your family.

And that’s our story.